The Health Benefits of Honey

University Health News Daily published the article “6 Health Benefits of Honey” in June of 2019. The 6 benefits outlined in the article are just a handful of the many amazing properties of honey in which Honibe® believes in, advocates for, and embodies by using honey as the number 1 ingredient in all their health and wellness products.

Honey has been used for centuries for a variety of different purposes that include, but are not limited to skin care, beauty, nutrition, healing and was even utilized as an embalming fluid. While many things have changed since the earliest record of bee keeping in 2,500 B.C, the unique benefits and properties of honey remain relevant today.

At the heart of everything Honibe® does is the deep belief in the power of honey. Honibe® recognizes the age-old belief of honey’s naturally occurring benefits which include: a lower glycemic index than sugar, it is a natural sweetener, an antioxidant, has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, it is a cough remedy and a great source of energy.

Honibe® products are unique in the way that they use pure Canadian honey instead of artificial sweeteners and fillers, like other products on the market. Try Honibe® Adult Complete Gummie Bees, packed with essential vitamins to support your health, or take it up a notch and try Honibe® Adult Immune Gummie Bees for an added immune boost with vitamin C, echinacea and zinc. Honibe’s kid’s line includes Kid’s Complete Multivitamin and Kid’s Immune Boost. Both are packed with essential vitamins and minerals to support your child’s health. Honibe® Vitamin D3 Gummie Bees are a top seller, and safe for both Adults and children 4+ with 1,000 IU of vitamin D3 per serving.

All Honibe® Gummie Bees mentioned above are gelatin free, allergen free, vegetarian friendly, and contain no artificial colours, sweeteners, flavours, preservatives, or corn syrup. And best yet, they’re made in Canada!

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Honibe is a Canadian honey-based health and wellness company that strives to deliver honey-based solutions to every family with care and respect for the world we live in. Good things come from good starts and at Honibe always starts with honey, in fact, it’s the #1 ingredient in all their products.